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 Monster clay supplier

Create Monster

Be able to make monsters with your hand

in the cartoons you have watched!

Create Monster

 Monster clay supplier

Create Monster

Let's raise our imagination while making monsters!

With EzClay 5 colors, freely whatever the color and shape!

Materials, tools, description, even exhibition at once OK!

Due to differences in PC performance and monitor brightness, actual product colors may differ

Please note that the size may vary depending on the location and method of measurement

Create imagination while creating

Create Monster

 Monster clay supplier

Material composition

Clay color 5 kinds (5g / 10g), work stand, finger magic tool, mini book, toothpick

 Monster clay supplier

Mini Book

Basic guide for those who are new to clay!

It is explained in detail from the basic operation represented by the clay to the work.

(Examples include shapes, color schemes, how to use tools, and the creation of works.)

 Monster clay supplier

Finger Magic Tool

It is only the product of EZPia which does not exist in the other companies!

In the meantime, buying clay has made it cumbersome to

purchase accessories and tools separately?

Have you had difficulty managing and using them

because of several items? Finger magic tools will solve everything!

 Monster clay supplier

Utilization of the hexagon box

You can use the outside box as the exhibition,

You can also decorate the interior by using the wall or

the blank space you want to decorate.

Please use it as a joint work of family, kindergarten, school, various groups.

 Monster clay supplier

Including even the creation process in the QR code,

Easy and fun to make with my hands!

Create Monster

QR code

 Monster clay supplier


Making a famous character is just an example that you can make with an EzClay.

There is no character creation in the product manual.

Please, try to create your own original monster!

 Monster clay supplier

Monster Making Package

 Monster clay supplier

Single package

Buy less than six

Item number / 5EZ301

QR code will be sent randomly among the 12 monsters

 Monster clay supplier

Gift set Package

6 pieces, A set / B set

Item number / 5EZ302 5EZ303

Six kinds of QR codes are included among 12 kinds of QR codes.

Make a variety of monsters and let them move in!

Make Hexagon boxes and monsters


the Guide

 Monster clay supplier

Please use it as a joint work of

kindergarten, school, and various groups

together with family!

Create Monster


 Monster clay supplier

Please use it for at least
8 years old.

If you get buried in clothes, wash it with water.

If you have an unusual constitution or an allergy, wash your hands after use.

Severe temperature change can cause moisture, but when you knead it back, it will turn to its original texture.

Be careful not to get stuck when using tools and supports.
(Never use it except for use.)

Division [ Indication of quality by Industrial Quality Control Act ]
item Item and Model Make Monster
Product composition EzClay 5gx4, 10gx2, tool, stanchion, artwork
pedestal, manual
Material PVA, etc.
Age 8 years old or over
Manufacturer / Country of
EzPia Inc. / Republic of Korea
Address 61, Soraebi-ro 416beon-gil, Songcheon-ri,
Sudong-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do,
Republic of Korea (119-2 Songcheon-ri)
Customer Serivice Center 031.551.2137
Precautions Separately marked.
 Monster clay supplier

Certificate of
autonomous safety